Craftholic Sizes

Welcome to our guide on the various sizes of Craftholic stuffed toys. Whether you're a collector, a gift-giver, or just a fan, understanding the different sizes can help you choose the perfect plush companion. Let's dive into the details.

Character-Specific Size Variations

It's important to note that the sizes of Craftholic stuffed toys can vary by character. Popular characters like Rab, Sloth, Korat, and Loris may have slight differences in their dimensions. For example, Rab plushies might be slightly taller compared to Sloth plushies of the same width due to their unique character designs. Always check the specific measurements for each character to ensure you get the size you desire.


XXS Size (X-Small)

Dimensions: W: 10cm H: 27.7cm (10.9 inches)
Description: The XXS Craftholic plushies are the tiniest members of the family. They are perfect as keychain charms or small decorative pieces. Their compact size makes them incredibly portable and easy to carry around.

S Size (Small)

Dimensions: W: 17cm H: 45cm (17.7 inches)

Description: Small Craftholic plushies are adorable and perfect for collectors. Their small size makes them easy to display and carry around, adding a touch of cuteness to any setting.

M Size (Medium)

Dimensions: W: 26cm H: 74cm (29.1 inches)
Description: The medium-sized Craftholic toys are a favorite among fans. They offer the right amount of cuddliness and are great for both children and adults who enjoy a plush companion.

L Size (Large)

Dimensions: W: 40cm H: 112cm (44 inches)
Description: Large Craftholic plushies are showstoppers. Their impressive size makes them perfect for big hugs and as standout decorative items. These are often the centerpiece of any plush collection and a dream gift for any plush toy lover.

For Gifts: Consider the recipient's age and preferences. Smaller sizes are often safer choices for young children, while older kids and adults might appreciate the larger sizes.

For Collectors: If you're looking to display your toys, the XXS and small sizes are easier to manage and showcase. Medium and large sizes are excellent for creating a focal point in your collection.

For Personal Use: Think about where you want to place or use the toy. Smaller sizes are more versatile and portable, while larger sizes are better for cuddling and decorating.

No matter the size, Craftholic stuffed toys bring joy and comfort. Explore our collection to find the perfect size that fits your needs and brings a smile to your face!